The Ministry

God has called me to start a ministry to help prepare for his rapture and for the judgement coming to America. The Lord calls all of us to preach the Gospel. My YouTube channel is TruthtoPower. Check it out. You can contact me @


The CMP and Liberals

The Civilian Marksmanship Program taught me proper safety in regards to firearms and actually helped me qualify as an expert with the M4 during Army Basic Training. The program was invented to help teach every US citizen proper marksmanship techniques in case of conscription. This program is in danger of being scrapped by the Obama administration. Just goes to show that the government really hates the pesky 2nd Amendment.

Is NRA membership worth it?

My grandfather and father both veterans, both life members of the VFW and NRA members. I can say with absolute certainty that the membership is worth it. We have an organization dedicated to our gun rights in Washington. They have proven they can defeat socialist gun control. Twenty five dollars a year for membership isn’t a terrible thing to have to ensure socialists don’t pull bullshit on us.

Rebel Wilson Fat Aussie thinks we need?

Fats Wilson says we need Aussie style disarmament. Well she may feel free to read the studies and statistics that indicate morbid obesity is the highest risk factor  of future heart attacks and heart disease.  Smoking is a close number 2 maybe even tied as a 1A and 1B. But, the bigger issue is the fact that the UK and Australia both have higher home invasions and violent crimes as a result. Thankfully Britons are using high powered Air Rifles to dispatch intruders and the landscape may be shifting. Here in the U.S. We the people are constantly vigilant against such attacks.

Guns and 2nd Amendment

Here we are year after year. How we get away from these whack job anti gun fuckers is by not passing new laws but by reforming our current FBI system. Chuck Schumer of course wants NICS checks on private sales. Who cares what a paternalistic Yankee socialist wants? Not me. Here in WV we will just use the Tenth Amendment to subvert any federal legislation and with a republican controlled Congress it won’t happen. I can’t support their measures of intrusion. Currently NICS is ran out of the FBI fingerprint center in Clarksburg,WV. Well, NCIC checks run the triple I checks that check wants and warrants. It also checks convictions and other things. NICS is a paper trail basically. Just a bunch of papers detailing demographic information and that person being effectively listed as a prohibited person. Now, even the FBI themselves say it’s hard to verify info and if that person is misidentified in anyway they won’t catch it. So, then that person has a gun. The ATF never  prosecutes unless the individual brandishes said weapon or harms someone. In my opinion if that person doesn’t harm anyone and hunts or provides themselves with self defense they probably are not as mentally ill as they were portrayed to be. At any rate we must keep guns out of the hands of convicted violent felons. At all costs. But, this brings us full circle into a huge debate. I am a NRA member but I disagree with the premise that any gun at any time may be possessed by citizens. As a veteran I would not trust my wife with a M4. Why? Because she doesn’t have much firearm training. I held a “dummy” M4A3 my first day at Ft. Benning. I also grew up hunting and had good marksman ship. So, naturally I can understand the urge to want to own a M4. They are fun. They are actually a weak gun in terms of combat. Anything based on a AR 15 style weapon is in my opinion a over hyped 22. There is a reason our enemies since Vietnam have used AK47s. Anyway, I believe that the Second Amendment is indeed a individual right that is inalienable. These rights cannot be taken by liberals and populists. To understand the rights of the people we look at the First Amendment,” the right of the people.” The Fourth Amendment,” The right of the people.” According to the liberals these rights must belong to the government or the National Guard… Bullshit. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and all the other framers were clear in the federalist papers. They wanted armed private citizens to be able to protect their land  and our country. But, when we look at the draft of the Virginia Constitution written by Jefferson: The right of the people shall not be infringed upon to keep and bear arms to protect their persons, property and tenements. To me this is simple. But, hold your applause republican friends. I don’t think concealing handguns is a wonderful idea. There were laws regarding this issue back then. The tenth amendment allows states to regulate firearms. But liberals will not get NYC style laws nationwide. Won’t happen. Get over it. Anyway, the right to use that firearm may end at your property line. I’d rather see this pushed in court instead of crazy ass extreme non enforcement of basic standards of responsibility. Gun free zones are idiotic but we need limited expansion of self defense laws to cover public places in all 50 states. In exchange I would amend the Firearms Act of 1934 to raise the tax for fully automatic weapons. I would want exemptions of firing ranges. Some commercial ranges have guns that most private citizens can’t get. So this is a good economic opportunity for communities and states. We have to fight like hell for gun rights. We also need to reform a paper system mental health record keeping process. We need common sense approaches.